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Foundation of American Legal System and Methods For Dispute Resolution (8 Hours)

Arbitration (24 Hours)

Debt Arbitration (24 Hours)

Dealing With Difficult People (8 Hours)

Basic Mediation (40 Hours)

Become A Mediation Trainer

Business and Commercial Mediation (24 Hours)

Corporate Mediation Training for Managers and Supervisors

Criminal Case Mediation (24 Hours)

Family Law and Domestic Violence Mediation (30 Hours)

Advanced Mediation (40 Hours)

Construction Case Mediation (24 Hours)

Group Dynamics and Meeting Facilitation Skills (24 Hours)

Religious Case Mediation (24 Hours)

Transformative Mediation (24 Hours)

Personal Injury and Insurance Mediation (24 Hours)

Mediation Practicum I

Mediation Practicum II

Negotiation (24 Hours)

Advanced Negotiation (24 Hours)

Child Protective Services Mediation (24 Hours)

Master Mediator Certificate Program

Marketing & Building A P Mediation Practice (40 Hours)

Designing ADR Programs and Systems for Corporations (24 Hours)

Health Care Mediation (24 Hours)

Parent Coordination (24 Hours)

Psychology of Conflict (24 Hours)